Arig Miner Tech was founded in 2017 by a group of people passionate about cryptocurrency mining and mining hardware.

Based in Essex Junction, VT, we made ourselves a name for our rapid service and our amazing customer support. We are not only sellers but crypto miners ourselves. This is exactly how our entire project was established; we simply saw the potential of cryptocurrency mining and wanted to educate, cooperate and develop new strategies for people.

It is our goal to ensure you have access to the mining hardware you need while minimizing transit times, eliminating risk, and reducing costs. We are always taking strides to provide our customers with high-level support and superior equipment at lower costs. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with each and every customer.

Why Choose Us

Choosing to work with arigminertech.com is truly a decision you will not regret. We have seen the virtually infinite potential of cryptocurrency mining and all we want is to share our experience and expertise with the rest of the crypto mining community. We won, we lost, we balanced and we know now how to invest and move to stay at a stable mining operation level.
Even though we are not a family business in the conventional sense – we aim to treat every single customer who browses our site as an integral part and an extension of the crypto community that has been growing throughout the years.

We invite you to get in touch with us if you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding products and services and we will be happy to have all your questions answered and your issues addressed. You just want to ask and still do not know if you wanna get into mining, no problem! We are consultants more than sellers. Ask us the uncomfortable questions and learn if mining is the thing for you!

Thank You For Choosing Us And Trusting In Our Core Values Of Quality, Community & Customer Support!

Our Products

No mining hardware in our shop hasn’t been tested by us before shipping it to you, we do that cause we know how hard the way back to the US mining suppliers is. As mentioned, we possess an extensive database of experience that puts us in an advantageous position when it comes to helping our customers make the right decisions for their specific needs for big, mid-size, and smaller cryptocurrency mining machines.

Whether you are looking for advanced Bitmain Antminers, Innosilicon, or other ASIC Miners, we will support you and help you pick precisely the right product you need to get your mining operation started or take your current project to the next level.

Our Services

Apart from promoting and providing people with mining equipment and accessories, we also focus on bringing relevant and useful information to the surface, educating and advising people so that they can make the safest choices.

You could say that we are truly crypto advisors and promoters at heart, which is exactly why we always emphasize the risks and possibilities the same way and never exclude or purposely hide information that could affect your end results or end up with bad surprises.

We offer 24/7 support via Text. Support is very important for us, that’s why we respond to every request.

We only sell the best miners and hardware available. High quality is very important for us.

We care about YOU! We offer pre-sale and after-sale support via mail.